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Elantris Student Check-In

Our 14 year old has recently started homeschooling. We are following a TJEd model to the best of our ability.  Currently my son and I are reading Elantris by Brandon Sanderson.  In order to make sure that he is getting all of the important details out of the book, I made up this check-in form.  The discussion questions are not for essays, they are for discussion.  I thought I would post it, in case anyone else wants to check-in with their children reading this book.  In order to be able to discuss the topics effectively, and know if their other answers are correct it will be best for you to read the book WITH them.  This is not a test, they are welcome to refer to the book if needed.  This only serves as a tool to help them and you know that they are keeping track of the characters so that they can follow the plot better.

Elantris Check-In
Chapters 1-5

Characters-match the character to their description
  • Sarene                                                        fallen Prince of Arelon
  • Jaddeth                                                      Raoden's guide in Elantris
  • Raoden                                                      widowed bride of Raoden
  • Wyrn                                                         not very likeable, King of Arelon
  • Hrathen                                                     called to convert Arelon in 3 months
  • Galladon                                                   Lord of all creation
  • King Iaden                                                servant of the Lord
  • Dilaf                                                          kind Uncle of Sarene
  • Kiin                                                          agreed to be assistant Hrathen
Definitions-match to the correct definition

  • Sule                                                           the magic of Elantris
  • Seod                                                          slave
  • The Aons                                                   friend
  • Hoed                                                          those that change people into Elantrians
  • The Shaod                                                Elantrians who had succumbed to the pain

Discussion Questions
  1. When Hrathen went to Arelon to convert the city, he found a man there, Fjon, who had led many of the people astray. It is said that he “ran a chapel without order” and that he bowed “before Arelish culture rather than bringing the people strength and discipline.”(p35) How can we make sure that we do not bow down to the culture of the world, but uphold higher standards? Do you think being liked and accepted was important to Fjon?
2. Do you think that the God Hrathen serves is good? Why or why not? What are the similarities and differences between his calling to convert Arelon and that of Christians in the last days to convert the world in preparation for the second coming of Christ?

  1. How is Galladon helpful to Raodon?
3 Gangs in Elantris-Informative section
Karata is both the harshest and most lenient of the gang leaders.” (p47)
She takes food PERSONALLY from new comers and rarely harms them. She's been caught 3 times trying to make it to the King's Palace. Karata has control of the palace in Elantris.

Aanden—tried to establish himself as King of Elantris. Claims he was a noble before. Claims to have a plan for freeing Elantris. He's brutal.

Shaor takes pleasure in controlling others—the most wild and morally corrupt find their way to him. They are scared off from harming others or stealing their food if they think they might fight back.

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